About Us

Oompfh is the student focused internship market place, bringing students and employers together. It is a unique networking site that connects and amplifies today’s youth potential in this e-world. Our main aim is to develop a platform where these youth can build an efficient resume, which in turn will help them to achieve their dream job.

We specialize in providing a full-fledged package for fresh graduates, where in they will be guided right from the point of their graduation till they get the job they deserve. Our services came into force in November 2013 and were successfully launched in June 2014. Apart from providing a helping hand to the young job seekers, to get their dream job, we also provide assistance to the recruiting organization by helping them assist the right employee for the role offered. We act as a bridge between the job seekers and job providers, thereby reducing the gap between the organizations and employees, in the global market.

In order to help the young job seekers achieve what they deserve and desire, we provide them with a world class resume, which will help the candidates to get in touch with the companies or vice versa. Companies can also be benefited by our search engine, which helps in reducing the laborious process of recruiting and getting the right candidate for the role with minimal use of their resources.

CEO & the Founder of Oompfh

Hans Nilsson

The founder of Oompfh is Mr. Hans Nilsson, a career coach in Confident Coaching Ab; Stockholm, Sweden. His persona is always well admired by people around and he always wants people to achieve amazing big things in their life. His passion to provide coaching to people in their careers turned him into an entrepreneur. With his vision and humility he came up with the idea of Oompfh to guide the youngsters in the right direction.

CTO of Oompfh

Prudhvi Raj

The lifeline of Oompfh, India – Mr. Prudhvi Raj CTO (Chief Technology Officer) played a vital role in web development and application management. Till date he has, back to front, handled the complete Oompfh team with care and perfection. Being the Technical head of the Oompfh (India) family, Mr. Prudhvi incorporated the right amount of innovation, dedication and lots of passion to bring out the best for the Oompfh users. He loves burning the midnight oil, believes in aiming high and values performance and ethics.

Team at Oompfh

Oompfh Team

The team’s cheerful and go getter attitude coupled with their confident approach always made the work environment pleasing. Our team is always ready to come up with new ideas. They clock more hours than there are in a week. Our team’s dedication has contributed a lot towards getting many jobseekers, their dream career.