• Q) What is Oompfh?
    A) Oompfh is a social networking site which helps the users – Companies and the students, to connect.
  • Q) Should I pay anything to use it?
    A) No, users are not required to pay anything to use its features’. But to perform few internal tasks, you need to spend your Oompfh cash (which can be earned by performing fun tasks).
  • Q) How do I change my profile picture?
    A) You can change your profile picture or cover photo by selecting settings option→ Profile Settings where you can select the options to change your profile/cover picture.
  • Q) How can I control my posts as public or private?
    A) A lock option is available on the top right side of the feed page, just below the search bar. By clicking on it, you can change the settings from private to public or vice-versa.
  • Q) How do I follow a company?
    A) You can search a company in the search bar and can use the follow button that is on the cover picture of the company to follow it.
  • Q) How do I logout?
    A) You can logout from settings → logout.


  • Q) What is QR code?
    A) QR code stands for “Quick Response” code. It is a code in which data can be encrypted.
  • Q) How is QR code useful?
    A) If you scan your QR code (QR scanner application can be downloaded in all smart phones at free of cost) your resume can be directly seen in your smart device.
  • Q) How do I edit my resume?
    A) Click on the resume Icon which is available in main menu and you will redirect to resume page where you can find resume edit, download pdf and QR code.
  • Q) What is link in resume?
    A) Here is the greatest option where you can send your resume to other people as a link through mail. It is unlimited, you can send as many as you want.
  • Q) Should I pay anything to get resume help?
    A) No, nothing. It is absoultly free for users.
  • Q) How to set a default resume?
    A) You have radio button on your resume page, click that button if you want to get a default resume.

Resume Rating

  • Q) What is the required resume percentage?
    A) More the completion percentage more will be the chances of the getting recruiter’s attention. A resume with or more than 90% completion percentage is deemed to be complete.
  • Q) What are the import fields?
    A) Our resume is of international standards and the format has been framed after proper research. All fields are very important especially when we see from the recruiter’s point of view.
  • Q) How do the recruiters know the resume percentage of a candidate?
    A) The recruiters are using special software introduced by Oompfh. There they can easily sort and/or see the resume completion percentage of a candidate or of group of candidates. From there they can select the required and the desired candidates to view and shortlist the profile for the further rounds of interview.
  • Q) How to get the best resume rating?
    A) It’s advised that the candidates fill all the fields with required and genuine details. As for the initial time your resume will be your face value.
  • Q) What if I am facing issues while filling the fields introduced by Oompfh?
    A) No worries! Oompfh has introduced Tool Tips, a guide, which will help you when you take the mouse pointer on the field in which you are facing issues. Other than that, Oompfh experts are there to help you out. They will make you understand what all is required to be filled. For that you can use Oompfh Chat Support.
  • Q) What is the value of Oompfh’s Resume Percentage?
    A) Oompfh resume is in international format and is prepared by the top experts. The resume format has approval of top Indian and Sweden resume writing experts. The ones with complete resume percentage get more chances of getting their resume viewed by recruiters from top notch companies associated with Oompfh.
  • Q) What is the purpose of Resume Percentage?
    A) The purpose of showing the percentage on the home page of the user is simply to keep them notified that they need to work on their resume and complete it, if it’s incomplete.
  • Q)  If I create more than one resume, will that help me complete or increase the resume percentage?
    A) No, the resume percentage depends on if the fields, introduced in every resume, are filled in properly or not.