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  • Imran Uddin

     Oompfh has user-friendly interface, top-notch customer service and up-to date software tools 

    Imran Uddin, CEO, All Tech Media

    “Oompfh’s user-friendly interface, top-notch customer service and up-to date software tools is the reason why we are hooked up with Oompfh. Not only Oompfh ensures user accuracy, but it also employes incredible service which guarantees quantity with quality. It is one stop solution to fulfil the company’s human resource requirement.”

  • Rashmi Mayur

     I received the complete help package from Oompfh! 

    Rashmi Mayur, Affiliate Manager, Axill

    “With online chat, you made everything so easy and comfortable. I received all the help I needed, starting from my resume building till getting a full time job. Thanks a Ton!”

  • NV Surendra Babu

     Oompfh was the best decision we made 

    Dr.N.V.Surendra Babu, TPO at Vemu Institute of Technology

    “I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service and guidance you provided during the campus drive. The TPO tool is easy to use and is extremely helpful in coordinating and communicating with the students.”

  • Satish Kumar Thati

     Oompfh created my link to abroad! 

    Satish Kumar Thati, Reseacher at LifeSymb

    “Oompfh, I was very much fascinated about working abroad. You helped me get that quality knowledge and also helped me in cracking an interview abroad. Thankyou, you made my dreams come true. I would not have been on my way of achieving them if it was not for all the support I got from you.”