Recent Happenings

Oompfh 10,000 Job Mela-2016 (started June 11th and going to conclude by mid August)

We would also like to share the success of "Oompfh 10000 Job Mela-2016" with you. We are on our mission of Empowering Employment in India, in different ways. On this mission, we started a huge off-campus job fair so-called "Oompfh 10,000 Job Mela-2016". The first phase of this Job Mela was held in Anantapur and it was a huge success. According to the reports, it was the first ever mela in that region which is attended by more than a thousand job aspirants.

Oompfh 10000 Job Mela-2016 in CRIT, Anantapur Phase 1 results: 1013 Attendees, 15 Companies, 317 Jobs

We are going to organise other phases of "Oompfh 10000 Job Mela-2016" in 10 other cities in the colleges which support us the best.

Oompfh 1000 Job Mela-A Huge Success

The mega job fair conducted by Oompfh Info Solutions Private Limited in the name of “Oompfh 1000 Job Mela” has been a huge success after satisfying more than 1000 Job seekers. Here we would like to bring to your notice about all our experiences, companies participated, Jobseeker statistics and the number of jobs we offered in our two-day job mela.

Our 1000 job mela is a huge success with 9138 attendies and created job opportunities for 1211 job seekers.

Andhra University, Vizag 2015

Andhra University, an 89-year old legacy in imparting quality education and contributing to society. This is one of the highly rated and ranked university in India for quality of education.

Oompfh in collaboration with Andhra University, successfully held a Resume making workshop by Mr. Hans Nilsson, CEO Oompfh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which was preceded by Prof. GSN Raju, Vice-Chancellor AU. The workshop was conducted on 7th Oct 2015 with university students addressing the workshop. By this workshop we grabbed a huge following among students and many of them acknowledged our workshop as the best and unique of its kind.

Resume Workshop @ Vizag Region Colleges 2015

As a part of our responsibility to make students create resume on their own, our oompfh team conducted a Resume Making Workshop in different colleges in Andhra University region.

We conducted workshops on 5th and 6th of October 2015 with over 500 student’s participation in different venues. The workshop was leaded by Mr. Hans Nilsson, CEO Oompfh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Prudhvi Raj, CTO Oompfh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

A huge response to our workshop was gained and helped us to collaborate with top institutions in Vizag region like Saamskruthika college of Engineering, Avanthi group of Institutions, Alwar Das Business School, and IIAM.

Narayana Engineering College, Nellore – 30th, 31st May 2015

Oompfh knowing the zeal of potential youth, with a triumph Hyderabad pool drives, extended their stages in neighbour state of Andhra Pradesh at Narayana Engineering College – Guduru. Another known Oompfh associate organization ‘Hinduja Global Solutions’ were the recruiters this time.

On a combined two day recruitment process, appetite hungry - 130 individuals were tested out of which 70 were screened out and sent for further rounds in Chennai and Bangalore. Test process involved group discussion as first round of mass deletion but recruiters were so impressed by these avid youth that they couldn’t resist themselves to have a personal interaction with almost every individual in the procedure. Recruiters facing the problem of deletion in the communicational rounds, the only solution they left with an operational systems round. After keeping a good mark in this core knowledge round around 70 candidates were shortlisted for the training processes in Chennai and Bangalore.

Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management, Hyderabad – 27th May 2015

  • Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management

Oompfh associate organizations ‘Pratian Technologies’ and ‘Spider Logic’ had seen the ocean of pearls in our pool drives making them come for another open placement pool drive. After the first placement drive in Srinidhi College having more than 200 appliers for the Job, this rostrum was filled with huge 150 prospective entrants attending for the same test process followed by the recruiters.

St. Martin’s Engineering College, Hyderabad – 23rd May 2015

St. Martin’s Engineering College was the third platform for the Oompfh which continued its successful march, decreasing another step towards the golden doors. This pool drive ended on a good note having 80 more dynamic individuals. Recruiters and their test process was same throughout this second pool drive and they were the most satisfied persons seeing most fired persona of energetic Hyderabad.

St. Peter’s Engineering College, Hyderabad – 22nd May 2015

St. Peter’s Engineering College was the second platform chosen by the Oompfh for their second day of open placement pool drive. This college registration desk has seen more fervor youth of great number – 120, for the same recruiter organizations ‘Pratian Technologies’ and ‘Spider Logic’. This big masses were from well-known colleges of Hyderabad including St. Peters Engineering College, Ace Engineering College, Sreyas Institute of Engineering & Technology, Kommuri Pratap Reddy College of Engineering, Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management (HITAM), Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (IARE), National Research Centre on Meat (NRCM).Selection process was the same followed as in Anurag Group of Institutions, a three way procedure recruitment done.

Anurag Group of Institutions, Hyderabad – 21st May 2015

  • Anurag Group of Institutions

After the successful first pool drive, confident Oompfh team organized their second open pool placement drive in the Anurag Group of Institutions. With a compelling 70 applications, it was a difficult job to our associate organizations ‘Pratian Technologies’ and ‘Spider Logic’ to choose the best among them.

Screening the candidates, selection process was divided in three step process. First conducting the written test from which aggregate mark scorers were shortlisted for further round of face to face interview. After a tough job of screening among them coding test was conducted for core knowledge test. Results are yet to be disclosed.

Srinidhi College, Hyderabad – 15th April 2015

  • Srinidhi College

A one day placement drive, which commenced at 9 am on 15th April 2015 in the Srinidhi college arena, started with a huge crowd gathering to enroll their names for their dream job. Over 200 students from different colleges turned up, out of which many of them got shortlisted. We were extremely happy with our first pool drive results.

Many candidates impressed our recruitment panel so much with their confidence that they got shortlisted as ‘Oompfh’s Ambassadors’. Joining a company as an ambassador is a huge privilege for the students and for their college.

The interview process was divided into three rounds, with the first round as written test. The students were handed over a test sheet prepared by Oompfh’s Team of Experts. Candidates who scored a valid test score in the first round were shortlisted for the second round. The second round was ‘Group Discussion’. The candidates actively took part in this round of interview. Based on the GD results, candidates were filtered for the third and the last round of the interview process, i.e. the Face to Face round. The enthusiastic and confident candidates made us shortlist them in large scale, more than what we expected.

IIT Hyderabad- NVISION 2014

NVISION, the annual technical fest organized by one of the best and among the top deemed technical institutes of India, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad, well known for its innovation invention and passion, was held on 1st & 2nd November of 2014. Techfest at IIT is known for hosting a myriad of events spread among all domains that includes competitions to participate with ultimate grit and knowledge with skill, life worth experiencing Guest lectures as well as workshops.

Oompfh was part of this grand fest. The sole purpose was to reach the young masses of Indian talent who were far more interested to take part in our march towards the success. We were successful in reaching out this pool of young talent with our idea of helping them achieve their dream job. After successful completion of the fest, we got several positive responses from the students stating that they are interested in being a part of Oompfh. Along with all this we also had a mood lightening sessions in which we had some fun filled games arranged for the students like resume writing, mock interview tests and role play in which the winners won gift hampers.

“Oompfh has the best idea heard since I have joined the institute. We are pleased that Oompfh was part of our annual Techfest.” – Mr. Pavan, Marketing Coordinator, IIT Hyderabad.

Delhi Technological University (DTU) 2014

Delhi Technological University (DTU) having a great historical interference of 74 years in Indian Educational System with a vision for bright India comprised of a multidisciplinary and multilevel institution offering a wide range of programmes in engineering (B.Tech, M.Tech), MBA and many more. DTU comprises of well distinguished alumni like Mr.Vinod Dham (Father of Pentium Chip), Mr. Sushanth Singh Rajput (Actor, Indian Cinemas), Mr. Durjoy Datta (Novelist, Entrepreneur) and like way many big names in variety of fields in Indian history.

Oompfh successfully held a resume workshop at DTU leaded by Mr. Hans Nilsson, CEO Oompfh, which was presided by one of the famous Indian Bloggers Mr. Imran Uddin. This workshop was conducted on 17th Oct 2014 with over 400 applications, we have absorbed many of them under our internship program and trained them for their future endeavors. This was the first internship program conducted by Oompfh which resulted in many fruitful things both for the organization and students.

Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (CBIT) Hyderabad -TECSTASY 2014

TECSTASY is a national level Technical event. It invites prospective supporting partners to participate in this huge event. It is the glorious ecstasy (celebration) of technology conducted by the department IT CBIT. The fest is the sound collection of both tech, non-tech events.

Oompfh was part of the fest TECSTASY as one of the key sponsors, held at CBIT on 16th October 2014. This fest provided the first platform needed by the Oompfh to reach out the potential youth hunting for their dream jobs and we made them understand the importance and smart use of technology. Students liked the motive behind Oompfh, i.e. working unconditionally to build their career. Many of them are now a part of our Oompfh family. We also had a cheer up session in which we conducted games like express register, find our logo, refer me and lottery for express register. Winners were awarded gift vouchers. Overall the event was fun filled with joy and celebrations.

This is the success story of the Oompfh’s Events till date.
Reaching more colleges and companies and assisting students in getting them rightly placed in their career is our mission.